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Finding a Job


In order to legally work while living in the United States, you must apply for and receive an Employment authorization Document (EAD). See Documents section for instructions on how to apply.

Resources for Resume Writing

Many public libraries have resume writing workshops or software available for free as well as language learning resources. Check with your local public library about free services available.


Beware of hiring scams! Some bad actors scam desperate people looking for a job to obtain money or free labor. See our guide below to make sure you are not being scammed.

Jobs for Ukrainians

These job boards and websites were created specifically for Ukrainians and include job listings from all over the world.

Academic job postings

Job Search Websites

These job search websites are generic for all kinds of jobs - many companies post job advertisements on these sites. You can search jobs by skill set, keywords, and experience level.

Office Jobs

Temporary Jobs

Remote Jobs

You can also search for Telegram channels or Facebook groups for job offers in your local city.


Beware of Hiring Scams

Please use discretion in order to avoid potential scams and bad actors. 


How to verify that a posting is legit:

  1. Do not proceed via links that have warnings about connection privacy or certificate validity.

  2. Make sure that the listed website is the actual website of the hiring organization. Google the corresponding organization and make sure that the page with the job listing is hosted on this organization’s website. E.g., a Stanford lab should be hosted on domain.

  3. Check the contact email in the job listing against the contact information on the public website.

  4. You should never have to pay to start a job. If you are hired for work and they require you to pay some money upfront for office equipment, onboarding fee, or similar, this is likely a scam.

  5. You must be paid for the work you do. Any job that offers to pay you only after a “trial period” is operating illegally. 

In the United States, federal, state, and local minimum wage laws apply. This means employers cannot legally offer to pay you an hourly wage lower than the minimum wage law prescribes. Google “minimum wage ordinance” of your city typically located on the city’s website. If you cannot find one, check the “minimum wage law” of your state.