Short-Term Housing

If you have nowhere to stay, use these online resources to find short-term housing.

Crowdsourcing websites with housing options

Any person can offer housing on these platforms. These offers are not verified, so the responsibility for checking safety of the listings lies with you. Most people genuinely want to help refugees, but beware of possible fraud.​

Most platforms have security tips on how to validate hosts or which red flags to look out for.

Some of these websites allow you to choose the language, including Russian or Ukrainian. Others are in English only. If the website is in English and you do not speak English, most browsers, including Google Chrome, can translate the webpage into a language of your choice, such as Ukrainian or Russian.

Keep in mind that people offering the housing on these websites may not speak Russian or Ukrainian. In this case, you can communicate with the host in writing using Google Translate.

Discounted Hotels

Hotels offering discounted rates for Ukrainians. x Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine is working with the non-profit to provide short-term emergency housing for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Every citizen of Ukraine who left the country after February 20, 2022 can receive a voucher for free, short-term accommodation. The duration of the accommodation can be up to a few weeks, depending on the kind of housing you choose. To submit an application, fill out the form.


This application is temporarily closed while we process the large number of applicants. Please see other options.